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Get Sellers Calling You: Best real estate agent podcast for geographic farming, real estate lead generation, real estate marketing ideas, prime seller leads, how to generate real estate leads, real estate referrals, and real estate branding

Mar 30, 2019

Stuart Sutton is an all-time TOP Producer.  When I met him he was doing 123 transactions a year... working about 35 hours a week (personal production).

Today, he works fewer hours, does fewer transactions, and makes MORE money.

This is an amazing interview with the agent I believe is probably the most savvy marketer in...

Mar 16, 2019

Genny is a personal friend of mine, and an AMAZING agent!

After being top agent for 12 years, she exited the sales side of things for a number of years.  Recently, she started back.  And get this...

Within TWO months of starting back, she was getting 1 to 2 listing referrals every WEEK!

How do you do that?  It all has...

Mar 5, 2019

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Caroline: Hi, I’m Caroline Springer and welcome to our next session of Radical Faith. We have a Radical Faith podcast as part of our Get...