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Get Sellers Calling You: Best real estate agent podcast for geographic farming, real estate lead generation, real estate marketing ideas, prime seller leads, how to generate real estate leads, real estate referrals, and real estate branding

Apr 16, 2023

Three 30-second videos a week rocketed Krista Mashore to 140 transactions a year!

A few years back Krista was the typical agent. Then she had a great idea – why not post short, simple, 30-second videos online to get exposure so people who call her to sell their home.

Did it work?

Within a few short years she rocketed...

Apr 7, 2023

Jesus said, "when the Son of Man returns, will he find FAITH on the earth?"  What is so important about faith that it's the ONLY thing Jesus says he will be looking for when he returns?  And... how do you actually walk in faith to such a degree that it defines who you are in Christ?

Walking in Radical Faith is a...