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Sep 5, 2019

Ed Finlan


Ed is an amazing agent. Since I've known him for years and he consistently produces 75 to 120 transactions a year. The cool thing is he usually works only 30 hours a week and almost never works weekends.

He talks about having three legs to your stool, or at least three legs. Each leg representing a different source of income. Two of his primary sources that he's focused on over the years has been expireds and FSBO. A lot of people focus on these, he has mastered the art of consistently driving in business over and over again from them. It's a simple three or four step formula that he uses. And if you follow this formula you will always win. It's not rocket science, and it doesn't take someone he's great on the phone. In fact, when he picks up the phone he has butterflies getting started.

What's interesting is he shares the exact approach he uses to win the confidence of a homeowner to choose him. They have lots of options of who to choose, but they're confident in choosing him because of specific questions he asks that sets the stage. And in this interview you will hear those very specific questions what he says and how. It's really amazing!