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Get Sellers Calling You: Best real estate agent podcast for geographic farming, real estate lead generation, real estate marketing ideas, prime seller leads, how to generate real estate leads, real estate referrals, and real estate branding

Mar 24, 2021

Some of you may know of the comprehensive marketing tests I've done to identify the best methods to attract sellers.  If you don't know, I've conducted 21 split marketing tests, plus tested an additional 37 message variations, on over 2 million postcards mailed.  The goal was to determine exactly what gets sellers to...

Mar 2, 2021

The most profitable way to get more sales is from people you already know ... friends, family, and past clients.  Most agents fall short of what is possible, simply because they don't know how to "touch" them properly.

In this podcast I walk you through The 5 steps to getting 17 sales a year for every 100 personal...